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"Music With Gina" is a class designed for babies/toddlers (ages 6mo to 4yrs) and caregivers. The intention for each class is to allow your little one the freedom to express themselves in a compassionate setting through the use of movement, playing, and singing.  Gina’s class also creates tons of opportunities for positive interaction with you, their rad caregiver.  Music classes are meant to enrich, enliven, and entertain! it's just fun! 

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If you want an extremely talented, genuinely caring, sweet, and compassionate woman teaching your child about the joys of music, then this is the class for you! Gina truly loves all the children in her classes. Plus, her music is really catchy and you will probably leave the CD on even when you’re children aren’t in the car — it’s that good!
I don’t often review purchases on Amazon but this magical CD is the exception. Not only will these songs play over and over in your head for days on end, but their messages of positivity, power, self compassion, unity, and celebrating the light within—all so necessary for this generation of children (and adults!). Gina’s music is timely and transformative. Her voice is like a warm hug. This is music to empower today’s kids to be tomorrow’s leaders and game changers.
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“Cardinal Cardinal” WON a Parents’ Choice Award 2018

“Cardinal Cardinal” WON a Parents’ Choice Award 2018

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“All of Us” GOLD Winner 2019

Brand NEW RELEASE “All of Us” and WINNER of a GOLD award from Parents’ Choice Committee 2019!!

Brand NEW RELEASE “All of Us” and WINNER of a GOLD award from Parents’ Choice Committee 2019!!

Check out a review of “All of Us” written by Lahri Bond, of the Parents’ Choice Committee, thank you.

I can’t stop listening to your cd! It’s so beautiful and important for children to hear your words and to feel the feelings that your music creates, but I get SO much from it too!! Your voice is beyond gorgeous and soulful and inspiring and uplifting and calming and invigorating!! It’s so clear you are living such an authentic life, teaching people and spreading your energy along the way. Thank you for this awesome CD!!!!!!
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MONDAY 10:00am Pilgrim Church 3815 Terrace Street Philadephia (free parking lot)

TUESDAY 9:30am & 10:30am Summit Presbyterian Church 6757 Greene St. Phila 19119.

WEDNESDAY 9:30am Grace Lutheran Church 801 East Willow Grove Avenue Wyndmoor PA 19038 (back parking lot- red door)

THURSDAY 9:30am Yoga Brain 3426 Conrad Street Philadelphia, PA 19129

SATURDAY 10:00am Grace Lutheran Church 801 East Willow Grove Avenue Wyndmoor 19038. (back parking lot- red door) NO SATURDAY MUSIC CLASS November 9th 2019. I am visiting my Aunt in Florida. See ya Monday!


Prices: $15 drop in (1 child) $20 drop in (2 children) $100.00 (1 child; 10 classes); $150.00 (2 kids, 10 classes)

upcoming events

May 28, 2019

Shriners Children Hospital

Music with Gina

June 1, 2019

Strawberry Festival

Plymouth Meeting Friends School

Music with Gina and Band 11:30 showtime

2150 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, pa 19462

June 11, 2019

UPLIFT Center for Grieving Children

3300 Henry Avenue, Suite 102, Philadelphia, PA  19129

July 12, 2019

Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting

500 West Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting 19462

Music With Gina and Band 6pm showtime

August 14 2019

Penn Wynne Library

130 Overbrook Pkwy

Wynnewood, PA 19096

Music with Gina 10:30am

September 8 2019

Mt. Airy Village Fair

Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia PA 19119

Music with Gina and Band 2pm-3

September 13 2019

Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting

2100 Chemical Road, Plymouth Mtg PA

Music with Gina and Band 6pm-7pm

October 6 2019

Springfield Township Community Day 2019

Wyndmoor, PA 19038

Music with Gina and Band 10:30am

November 22 2019

Rutabaga Toy Library

3426 Conrad Street Philadelphia

Music with just Gina “Sing-a-long” 6pm-7pm

$12 a family

November 23 2019

Barnes & Noble Plymouth Meeting

2300 Chemical Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Music with Gina and Band 3pm- 4pm

my story

Gina Ferragame started her music classes in a friends' living room with her first little babe perched beside her.  That living room soon filled up and now she teaches music classes in Philadelphia (Roxborough, Mt. Airy, East Falls), and in Wyndmoor, PA. Gina has been a songwriter since she was a young girl, feet dangling over the piano bench. She became a Music Therapist, working in Hospice, and has taken her ability to express and heal through music into her songwriting for children and families. Gina’s music means to bring a smile, celebrate being alive and imperfect, and simply to connect with each other and create community. Her newest album, “All of Us” recently won GOLD in the Parents’ Choice Award 2019 and her first album, “Cardinal Cardinal” won a RECOMMENDED Parents’ Choice Award 2018. For a review of her CD “All of Us” please read Lahri Bond’s review here: Thank you, Parents’ Choice Foundation!

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All of Us

by music with gina

This album reaches all ages and creates community around her music. Her songs deliver a powerful message packaged up with beautiful melodies, upbeat grooves, sincere arrangements, and a high caliber of musicianship. On "We All Stand Together", Gina sings about lifting each other up, and by doing so, we are united in community and are more deeply connected. Her song, "We Need Love" is an anthem for how we can create more love and peace in the world- a song that touches the connected-ness of all of us. In, "Different," she sings about the beauty of seeing one another with respect and tolerance and love. Her title song, "All of Us" unifies the record as she sings, "I reach my hands open, come place yours in mine, no one should be forgotten, we should all be seen." Her songs, on "All of Us," reach across barriers and uncover the significant common ground we all share, our humanity. These well crafted songs are inspired for children and adults to enjoy, to come together and create community, and to all feel uplifted. “All of Us” won a Gold Parents’ Choice Award 2019. “All of Us” was recorded and engineered at Morningstar Studios

I send my kiddos to this wonderful music school for private drum, guitar, and piano lessons. Check them out!